Molly Barker

Putting Your Passion to Work

Molly Barker shares the story of how Girls on the Run was launched, as well as the lessons she has learned in managing its phenomenal growth. She explores the challenges faced by most passionate entrepreneurs, both in the business management and its effect on personal balance. Audiences leave with renewed inspiration to pursue their goals and dreams.


Dr. Mary Howard

Sylvia Martinez

A Global Revolution Goes to School: The Maker Movement

Molly Barker

Climbing Out of the Girl Box

Molly Barker encourages her audience to examine the “boxes” from which they have lived their lives and to step outside their comfort zones and seek a new, innovative and more joyful context through which to view the world. She inspires audiences to question their actions, thoughts and current position in life and to explore the “what if’s” to realize their greatest human potential.